Mayor of Andijan Intimidates and Humiliates to Meet Cotton Quota

Transcript of the audio recordings of a meeting on the collection of cotton in the administration of Andijan city.

The meeting took place on October 16, 2017, and was chaired by the Mayor of Andijan, Dilmurod Rakhmatullaev. According to one of the directors of a local organization, who attended the meeting and made the secret recording, the directors of 50 schools, 12 colleges, 70 kindergartens, and medical institutions as well as imams of mosques and the chief of police were also present at the meeting.

Prior to the appointment of the Mayor of Andijan city, Dilmurod Rahmatullaev was the head of the Education Department of the Andijan Region.

After the publication of the audio recording, on December 5, which aired on Radio Ozodlik, an announcement was posted at the entrance doors to the Andijan administration stating that it was strictly forbidden to enter the building with bags or mobile devices or to make audio recordings or take photographs.

The following is the transcript of the audio recordings.

Mayor: Where is the 18th kindergarten? How many employees do you have?

Head of kindergarten: 40

Mayor: You and the management let me down … You’re a woman, you’re filth. Where is the 9th kindergarten? Thanks to your parents Nargiza! A thousand thanks to your father’s sister! This girl sent ten people. Look Olim aka (addresses somebody, probably a prosecutor or a police chief). I marked everything. A jackal must be called a jackal. Hey, you can be offended or not, I spit on you all! Hey, you filth, from college … look me in the eye. You’re a woman … you make me mad …

Has the regional hokim allocated gifts to you? Look me in the eye! Hey, jackals! Directors of schools and heads of colleges, I give you gifts, I do not deprive anyone. Hey, look me in the eye! Do any of you want to get rid of me? Why do you deprive me!?

Hey jackal, why aren’t you listening to me? Hey, jackal, is this harvest going on forever? Do you think you have influence in your office, but I do not? Hey, animal! Olim aka! I have a request: send a group (to carry out an audit) to this jackal. To the pedagogical college too, send a group. SES! (Epidemiological Hygiene Department), you’ll make their asses speak.

“Finance” (tax department) You make their asses speak. Olim aka! I do not wish them ill! I just want to open their eyes. Check it thoroughly! Hey Marif (head of the department of public education), I’ll make your ass speak.

Director of the banking college … you are not worth a penny, you piece of dirt! Colleges, academic lyceums (referring to the heads), you cannot even work at the level of kindergarten managers. Because you all stink!

Here is the regional health department. Their boss is a noble man. I’ll wear it on my sleeve. He fulfilled the quota by 130%. Hey Marif, who are you! Where do you live? In the city? What electrical network is your house connected to?

Well now we’ll see. I will show you the power of power. When I worked as the head of the department, I looked after you like a mother hen…

Marif, let’s see who you’ll work with now? I haven’t called you dirty so far yet. I know how many people actually work (in the colleges).

Who is the jackal from information technology?

Female voice: Me

Who is from the college of service? Dirty beast! Tell your jackal leadership that you stink!

Medical college- jackals!

Economic college – filth, I curse your kind!

Who’s the financial college?

Pedagogical college, stinks. You are a tramp. Stick your five men up your ass. Hey filth, how many people do you have? How many do you have that are jackals like you?! Hey, filth!

Head of pedagogical college: 130!

Mayor: And how many did you send?

Head of pedagogical college: 15

Mayor: And how many did I say?

Head of pedagogical college: five

Mayor: I know why I said five. Because I trusted you. Hey Sanjar! They said, we’ll do everything you say … I tell them, okay cover for your management … You’re not men, you’re whores. You are dirty animals, a pedagogical college! Dirty animal. I spent nine months working peacefully. I thought I’d got myself out of this environment. I will not quarrel with them. You are dirty animals!

Who is the jackal from the college of engineering? You stink too, you’re not human, you’re a monster. Monster! You are not a patriot of the city of Andijan. You’re an ass! Why did you ignore my assignment? Look me in the eye, you dirty animal. I said 50 people? How long have you been working? One and a half years? Do you wear trousers or women’s pants? Not everyone can wear pants. You animal! And then I learned about what dirty animals you are! A curse on your family, jackal! Yesterday, they spoke with you and asked why he did not fulfil the quota.

Marif! Even if you quit, will you live in the city? You’ll see, now I’ll send the tax, electricity, water (authorities). Where is Humoyun? Send the organizations to the college. You will see what will happen to you now, because of your five people!

Hey you, Bagishamal, Princess Turandot. How many people do you have? How many people are breathing?

(woman’s answer is inaudible)

Shove your people in place of you! I ask how many people do you have in total? 80. Do you know Haji aka from Bagishamal? He is an imam. And has been for many years.

And you are jackals, enemies of Andijan. Here the imam has five people. He sent everyone with an overnight stay. Hey you, dirty woman. I do not have any influence on this person. If he did not fulfil my request, I cannot tell him anything. Imams, this is a public organization. You stink. You work in a budget organization, you’re an animal! Why can the imam do it, and you can’t, you filthy insect, a bejewelled insect! Do you live in the city? What right do you have to use the city’s electricity? Do you understand the question? What right do you have to live in the city if you do not participate in city affairs?

If you do not respect the city authorities, I’ll put you on your knees. I was always sorry for you. Because I myself came from this environment (means education department). But now … Where is the tax department, come here! Take all the data. Write out all the debts for land and property tax and give it to the prosecutor’s office. Give it to the prosecutor’s office personally. Electricity, go to their homes and check all the debt. Together with the water authorities. I’ll show you how to act against city authorities!

Have you cleaned everything? One fact will suffice: how employees are appointed to the colleges. You all have at least four “dead souls” (paid positions without staff).

Or not? If we want to find something, we’ll find it. As a mayor of the city, I officially want to give an order. I will not consider myself a man if ten noses are not bloodied. If they have debts, they will officially cut the wires. They are enemies of the people! … There must be 30% pre-payment, right? If these colleges … of consumer services, medical, banking, Bagishamal, … if they have not transferred 30% of an advance payment, you will not give them electricity. I spit on you … You are the enemies of the city of Andijan.

Where is the College of Computer Technology?

(Inaudible reply).

You’re filth! Put yourselves in the place of your people!

Where is the civil engineering college? You take note, you filth!

College of Industrial Transport? You’re filth too! You, too, are not human! You and your leader are not men!

College of the Olympic reserve! Do not become like them. They are enemies of the people! They made me say those words.

College of Art! Where is he? This animal, he is an alien. Without a homeland. He was kicked out of “culture”. I talked with him yesterday for an hour. Tourism … still wearing a tie … dirty … animal … insect.

2nd academic lyceum! Hey, you worthless creature, remember when you came to me. You’re not a human being! I talked to you as a person. When you got an employee with a bribe, you came to me wagging your tail. Look me in the eye! Was the city hokim useful to you at that time or not?

3rd academic lyceum! You, where are you from? From the city? Do words affect you? Why was it necessary?

Academic Medical Lyceum! Do you have any concept of honour and conscience, even a little bit? What is your name?

Woman: Mahfuza.

What do you say? (inaudible reply).

Why did you make a promise? Why did the health department fulfil the quota? Because they were afraid of me?! Marif, get up. Hey! What do you think? Why did health care fulfil the quota?

“Land Cadastre”, “Employment” (lists organizations) … Why did they fulfil both my task and the task of regional authorities?

Marif, look at me. All colleges listen! Why did the “labour department” fulfil my assignment without discussion? Because he’s a good leader. Hey colleges, Marif, get up! Why have the imams fulfilled the quota, and not you?

It’s not easy to sit here. I have been here since seven o’clock in the morning, until all the trucks have been loaded with people. Because I did not want the words of the region’s hokim to hang in the air. I did not want him to have a bad opinion about the city of Andijan.

Hey colleges! Mansur, I used to think that you had honour and conscience! What do you say? … Vodiygas! (gas company) Where? Vodiygas sent 300 people to the Tashkent region and fulfilled the plan by 110%.

Andijanchirak (electricity department). They work on the streets and when I told them they need to bring 20 people, they brought 20. Hey Mansur! Do you know how many employees there are at Andijanchirak? They fulfilled the quota, finding people from anywhere! Department of Culture! They fulfilled the task of the hokim of the region and the hokim of the city.

The Union of Youth fulfilled the quota by 220%, Why did this union fulfil it? This is a public organization. There is no pressure on it. But why do they carry out the orders of the city hokim, and you animals don’t?!

Veterinary! A thousand thanks to his father! 100% fulfilled. Department of housing. A thousand thanks to his father! Hey Marif, you see we managed without you. You could not change the weather in the city? You do not have a face. If tomorrow you die, you will be buried outside the city. I will say that you have nothing to do with the city.

The clever person carries out the assignment of the head of the region and the head of the city. I have 11 years working as the head of the department of education. I have never failed, nor the regional hokim, nor the city hokim. Those who are here are aware of this …

Hey Marif, what do you think, that you were able to fulfil the plan with your five people? You know cooperatives (shirkats). There is not a single person there. Even they did. There are family hostels. They never used to pick cotton. They fulfilled the quota. But they are not cheap organizations. We do not have any influence over them. Cooperatives exist at their own expense. You do not like the city of Andijan. You are animals!

Everyone should know for whom the leaders of the city of Andijan are working! I went everywhere to the cotton factories and organized food. Good that I hadreliable people with me. You’re not like Marif and the director of colleges.

Look, one kindergarten manager is doing everything. Nargiza, 9th kindergarten! Arise, how many people do you have? 42. Look, she brought ten people to the hokim of the region and brought ten people for the “People’s Education”. 20 people in total. Hey Marif, she does not have 200 people like you. She is a woman. You really cannot be like her …